SIGNATUS Application download

Experience SIGNATUS for 14 days or register for a 60-day trial inside the app.

SIGNATUS on Google play              


  • Download the APK file to your Android mobile device
  • Open SIGNATUS.apk
  • Allow installation from Unknown sources
  • Launch SIGNATUS app
  • Accept to download demonstration documents (optional)

The basic demo of SIGNATUS allows you to evaluate the application for 14 days with limited functionality. By filling a trial request within the app you get a full-featured SIGNATUS trial for 60 days.


Quick User Manual SIGNATUSClick here to download a Quick User Manual and get introduction to SIGNATUS. For more detailed description download User Manual or contact us for an application walk-through via WebEx. 

Supported HARDWARE 

Android Operating System

SIGNATUS runs on any standard Android device with OS version 4.2 and above. We optimize SIGNATUS for SAMSUNG devices, ideally with S Pen. 

Note: Finger or a standard stylus can be used on non-S Pen devices. It limits the quality of signature biometrics but does not compromise data security and document integrity.

Active ES Technology

The recently developed AES technology by Wacom allows SIGNATUS to gain the full dynamic features of signature biometrics with the help of an active pen. 

Windows Operating System

SIGNATUS for Windows 10 is primarily available for Samsung devices and those equipped with Wacom layer or passive pen technology.  

Please contact us to get the full list of supported devices.