ANAlab - cooperation with students

ANASOFT has been engaged in applied research since its very beginnings. Along with the enlargement of the company, the projects have become more interesting and challenging. Looking back, the results of ANASOFT's R&D activities include projects such as the portal project C-Net for the Flemish government, ICT security projects, RAFT (Remote Accessible Field Trips) in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany and the Comenius University of Bratislava.

In 2007, we began a series of projects in cooperation with university students within the R&D laboratory ANAlab. Within each project, students will find an opportunity to cooperate with ANASOFT professionals on interesting tasks. This endeavor is a response to the question of how students can utilize their studies and become part of a team of professionals in a software firm. In essence, this is an opportunity for them to apply their academic knowledge and gain practical know-how.

Participants have the opportunity to work with new technologies, whose implementation is both relatively new and not widely explored. Students can devote to latest development trends such as the "intelligent documents" within the Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite, Video-conferencing, Web2.0 - Rich Internet Applications using Flex, Human interfaces and other technologies.

It is the primary objective of the laboratory to apply the latest scientific knowledge and information and communication technologies towards the development of solutions that will consequently become building blocks for the enlargement of the company's products and services portfolio.

Important and essential requirement of company success not only in the field of applied research and development is to ensure high – quality human resources to generate innovations. Within the frame of research – development laboratory we are carrying out „ANAlab project“which concentrates on cooperation with university students. 

We are looking for:

  • students 2. y.+ (2. – 5. year)
  • talented people, not afraid to step out from the line
  • individualities, willing to improve and are interested in IT
  • young people, who find problem solving motivating

We are not interested in anyone, but we are possibly interested in you. 

In project ANAlab we are offering:

  • work under professional guidance
  • opportunity to become apart of experienced research teams
  • flexible working hours respecting study requirements
  • combination of individual responsibility and teamwork
  • participation on development and analysis of technologies, on solving the ICT tasks.
  • matrix structure of management, work in virtual teams
  • work in exceptional company environment with barrier-free communication