Tailor made software

Do you want to distinguish yourself from your competitors or use software that will help your company stand out from the crowd?

Does it bother you that a package solution can’t adapt to the idea of your company or different legislative or business environments?

Customized software is developed so that your company won’t have to adapt to the software; the software will be adapted to your company. 

Benefits of a customized solution by ANASOFT

  • Years of experience:
    25 years of experience in the market, ANASOFT has successfully completed various projects.
  • Wide portfolio of areas in which projects were implemented:
    We have experience in various sectors – we bring new perspectives to your business and established processes.
  • Technologically independent supplier:
    ANASOFT will pick the technological platform for the solution which is most suitable for your needs. There is no need to change your systems. We are able to harmonize our new software with the systems which your company already has.
  • We will find the proper solution:
    You define your business goals and we’ll help you with the rest.
  • Security first:
    We begin thinking about the security of the solution at the development stage.IT security is one of the priority areas for us and our team of professionals who systematically work with it at ANASOFT.
  • Openness of the solution:
    We will take care of the maintenance of the supplied solution. If, however, you prefer to administer the system on your own, we’ll help you with that too. The system configurations and common operative changes can be fully handled by you if you want.