Manufacturing Operations Management and Logistics Optimization


Digital transformation of businesses under the fourth industrial revolution. ANASOFT provides for the digitization and automatation of manufacturing processes through the Smart Industry solution – manufacturing operation system – built on the Industry 4.0 principles.

The extensive functionality of this system allows for effective planning, controlling, monitoring and evaluating of individual operations and processes within the manufacturing flow with access to manufacturing data in real time. This system has been designed to ensure standardization, modularity and interoperability within comprehensive processes while reducing waste, undesirable leakage and defective products in the manufacturing flow.


The implementation of the Smart Industry solution in logistics allows for the automation of logistics processes based on the use of cyber-physical systems principles. Extended capacity and improved performance are achieved thanks to the increased flexibility of individual operations within the entire supply chain starting from purchase, input and output logistics, warehouse administration, internal logistics up to transportation logistics.

Individual operations are controlled by autonomous and self-learning algorithms and the system as the self-optimizing solution anticipates and prevents the occurrence of any incidents in machinery and material and human resources. The safety, reliability and flexibility of the system bring added value to the processes in the supply chain. 


This smart Industry solution ensures the transparency of manufacturing processes within quality management, and thanks to its traceability, allows the creation of a detailed birth certificate of every product as well as the monitoring of qualitative indicators, KPI (key performance indicator) and trail audits.  

The autonomous planning and management of selective, emergency and operative control operations ensure high quality.


Maintenance plays an important role in every company. The EMANS Smart Industry solution allows for intelligent maintenance management, in particular, operative, planned, corrective, preventative and predictive maintenance.   The system collects and processes data and monitors the performance of equipment in order to prevent breakdowns and gaps while indicating preventive maintenance when necessary.

The combination of the industrial internet of things and big data ensures an predictive and optimal maintenance strategy and with the help of automatic maintenance planning it minimizes unexpected equipment downtime. The technical state of equipment, its performance and the wear and tear of spare parts can be evaluated in real time which results in reduced operating and maintenance costs. This intelligent maintenance system combines technology, data, forecasting and resources in order to ensure equipment productivity and eliminate breakdowns.