Logistics optimization

External Inbound Logistics

External Inbound Logistics - ANASOFT

From among the wide range of issues related to external logistics, we focus on optimizing a closed collection and distribution of materials and finished products, which is ensured in a regular cycle.

Our solution represents a new approach to the issues related to collection logistics because it can evaluate a company’s current status and needs in real time and automatically organize transportation according to required criteria. More information about our solution

Internal Logistics

Internal Logistics - ANASOFT

In the field of internal logistics processes we have created a solution which provides manufacturers with information about the status and precise position of materials and products that is above and beyond the framework of information available from ordinary ERP systems.

Our MES / MOM incorporate modern technologies which allow the contact-free identification of a company’s materials and products. More about the benefits for you

Green Transportation

Green Transportation

ANASOFT developed and delivered the Central System solution for the GreenWay project. 

Solution integrates all parts of electro mobility, including network of charging stations and battery exchange, energy for cars’ traction, cars themselves, and central information system integrating these.

The GreenWay Operator system offers an ecological alternative for transportation of goods. More information