Comprehensive IT Administration

IT Outsourcing from ANASOFT

A quality, functioning, reliable and secure IT infrastructure is the basis for a well-functioning enterprise or organization. It is an important condition for the implementation of solutions directly supporting an organization’s main activities. 

Comprehensive IT administration is the business model through which we can assume responsibility for the comprehensive care for your IT infrastructure and thus create more space for the main business of our clients. 

Outsource Care for Information Technologies

  • Professional administration of IT infrastructure according to current needs
  • Help Desk / Hotline to address your requirements and problems (telephone, email, web client zone)
  • Unlimited technical support (on-site or via remote access)
  • Time coverage: work days (8x5) or nonstop (24x7)
  • Guaranteed reaction time from 2 hours (critical problems)
  • Regular prophylaxis (monthly, weekly, checkup of important elements within the IT infrastructure)
  • IT documentation  management
  • Consultations with certified IT specialists
  • Fixed monthly fee

What are the benefits of comprehensive IT administration


IT outsourcing is less expensive than having your own Internal IT administrator. Calculate the price for comprehensive IT administration.


There are no limitations for the client with IT outsourcing. We can address several requirements simultaneously and when necessary. Our clients don’t have to worry about vacation or sick-leave coverage of internal IT staff.

High Quality Service

We insist on the satisfaction of our clients. High quality service is our credo.  


Our team of IT professionals is trained to offer the best quality services and the most effective solutions. Our clients can rely on Anasoft’s long-term experience and remain a step ahead of their competitors.

Calculation of it administration