SKQS Certifying Authority Confirms High Level of Quality Management


Recently, the ANASOFT Development Centre in Slovakia has passed a supervisory audit of its quality management and information security. After obtaining a quality certificate in 2003 and subsequent recertification in 2006 and 2009, ANASOFT has proven again under the supervision of the SKQS certification authority that its corporate quality management system ultimately meets all the requirements of two ISO 9001:2008 and 27001:2005 international standards.

The integrated management system in ANASOFT is built and maintained and continuously improved in accordance with the model and requirements of the international standard, quality policy and information security and a statement of applicability. The supervisory audit done in June 2011 is the ANASOFT’s most recent proof of this. The certification covers design and software development, project management, comprehensive solutions, consulting, installation and service of information and communication systems.

The aim of this year's audit was to verify effectiveness of the integrated management system in relation to changes in the company and the potential of improvement from the previous audit.

Based on the certification audit, SKQS viewed positively the implementation of the new project life cycle methodology and increased emphasis on regular co-reporting. Also establishment of the new post of a knowledge manager, ongoing server virtualisation and continuous investment in staff training were rated positively.

Continuous implementation of the management system and the determined potential for improvement is evident also in relation to customers, who can actually feel the increased emphasis ANASOFT puts on data and network security and information security management.


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