Signatus will be presented at Cartes Secure Connexions in Paris


Cartes Secure ConnexionsFor its 29th edition, CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS, the global event for the digital security industry dedicated to secure solutions for payment, identification and mobility, is following current major trends. The main theme for this edition, Users on the move, is a direct response to the growing needs for interconnection and mobility of the end users. ANASOFT will present their solution Signatus - mobile and offline handwritten signature on the electronic devices.

Cartes Secure Connexions Conference is a unique forum bringing together the global community of innovators exploring new business opportunities in payment, identification and mobility. With over 1600 participants from more than 70 countries every year, the conference is designed to facilitate exchange on the latest developments in the payments and financial industry, mobile, retail, smart technologies, identification and data management.

Attending will not only allow you to learn about the latest innovation in the field of m-payment, connected commerce, big data, cloud security, e-cryptocurrencies, biometrics... but will also give an insight on how to better run your business! Join us on and get inspired through round table and panel discussions, educational presentations and international case studies.

Speaker: Michal LICHNER, ANASOFT
Speech title: Loan Contracts to be Signed in Handwritten Digitized Form, BNP Paribas (Cetelem) Case Study
Session: C01 - Biometrics Applications
Date and time of presentation: Thursday, November 6 from 11:30 to 12:00pm

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