Oracle Mobile Server provides data for the field sales force


The application “Cargosell”, developed and maintained by Anasoft Technology for the Schmitz Cargobull AG, has now been upgraded in the field of data exchange between the main office and the field service.

Using the Oracle Mobile Server and the local database Oracle Lite, the data exchange has been converted to an online interface for most of the European salesmen. As the installation routines for the necessary components on the clients are completely web-based, it is possible to configure the system for an online data exchange within a few minutes.

This new system component is primarily  used for information update within the selling system Cargosell. Thus, changes in data files, particularly incorrect data (for example translation texts or prices), can be promptly transferred to the selling system. In addition, data files and parts of the application, like the in-house configurator CarLog, can be transferred with the help of the Oracle Mobile Server technology.


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