First Lego League Award for ANASOFT


Hands of technologyHANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V. has recognized acknowledged ANASOFT as a significant promoter of the education of students in natural sciences and technology for its long-term support of the  FIRST LEGO League Competition in Slovakia.  

FIRST LEGO League is the largest international robotics competition for children from 10 to 16 years of age, and features the participation of more than 400,000 competitors. The civic association Hands on Technology organizes this competition for all of Central Europe. In Slovakia, it is the main project of Nadačný Fond Myšlienka (The Idea Foundation Fund) which was established by ANASOFT.

In fact, FIRST LEGO League is a tournament where children compete with their pre-programmed robots on the FIRST LEGO League playing field. The robots gain points by fulfilling various tasks. In addition to the tournament, the teams must also devise an innovative solution to a problem from their environment. They have an opportunity to consult with experts before making their presentation to the panel of judges. Beginning with the semi-finals, the presentations must be in English.

More informations about  FIRST LEGO League.