Electronic Contracting System “going live” in February


eBaySlovak Electronic contracting system (SECS) supplied to the Ministry of Interior by the consortium of ANASOFT, Slovak Telekom and Tlačová agentúra Slovenskej republiky (The News Agency of the Slovak Republic) is “going live” on February 1.

Robert Kaliňák, Minister of Interior of the Slovak Republic, stated at the January 22nd press conference, that 219 transactions with an aggregate value of 1.5 million euro were processed by the SECS during the test run resulting in savings of 302, 000 euro equaling 16 percent on average. Approximately 4,300 suppliers and 2,270 governmental purchasing organizations have been registered by SECS to date. 

The SECS is another element of the system of governmental measures related to combating corruption. All state organizations and local governments must purchase basic goods and services, including construction work up to a certain limit, through the Electronic Market (e-market), the first component of the SECS. This ANASOFT developed system eliminates the possibility of improper influence on the outcome of tenders and improves the fairness to suppliers as well as government purchasers.

You can find more information about the e-market at www.eks.sk .

You can read about the press conference here (slovak).