EAB Seminar Biometrics in Banking - Reality Check 2014


May 21, 2014 - Berlin: SOFTPRO is participating together with its partner ANASOFT at the first workshop about “Biometrics in Banking” of the European Association for Biometrics (EAB). It will be a unique option to get a holistic overview about various forms of Biometrics used in banking today. Besides dynamic signature recognition there will be reports about the usage of the recognition of finger prints, finger vein, iris and voice. SOFTPRO and ANASOFT will also showcase their E-Signing solutions in the exhibition.

Michal Lichner of Anasoft and Alain Sarraf of Softpro will be introducing how Biometrics of handwritten Signatures captured on Tablets and Smartphones play a vital part to create trustworthy electronic signatures and help banks to go paperless in many situations. One of the case studies presented focuses on an application which is running for more than a year now at Cetelem, part of the BNP Paribas Finance Group, in Slovakia. Customers fill and sign for several applications on tablets (in the particular case a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1). Documents created in the specific way which will be explained by the speakers are legally binding with high evidential weight. The bank is saving to handle around 1.6 mil sheets of paper every year, time to amend mistakes of manual data entry and retailers enjoy an improved cash flow for retailers as payment are settled the next day after sales (processing time with paper process is around 5 days). Moreover the speakers will also share experiences with E-Signing in other Banks around the world. 

Agenda of the Event: http://www.eab.org/events/program/66

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SOFTPRO and ANASOFT are offering its customers and partners to register for the seminar "EAB - Biometrics in Banking" for the special rate of 75 Euro, instead of a regular rate of 275 Euro. To register please get in touch with the SOFTPRO’s Marketing & PR Manager via joerg.lenz@softpro.de  with your full company details asap.