Courier delivers tablet instead of paper


signatures on tabletAnasoft proved that e-commerce can be fully paperless and mobile even if handwritten signature is needed.

Anasoft’s SIGNATUS solution, built on Softpro SignDoc technology, is a tool for mobile signing of legally binding documents on tablets.

Recently SIGNATUS became a central component of a pilot project of signing web-generated contracts of a mobile operator in Slovakia. Contracts were delivered by a courier together with a SIM card and/or mobile phone, and signed on a tablet. Upon signing, contracts were instantly sent for further processing enabling immediate activation of services ordered and leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Over 80% of customers participating at the pilot project welcomed the option of electronic handwritten signing and enjoyed the lost paperwork.

SIGNATUS saves time and costs of the customer, service provider, and courier. In addition, it eliminates loss of documents delivered for signature, while providing maximum security. SIGNATUS is designed for use off-site and easy integration with back end infrastructure or cloud.


courier signatus