ANASOFT is entering the world of Open Source by launching its first project DAO Fusion


LOGOANASOFT presents the knowledge and experience of its people because it realizes that true value of a software company is not held within its source codes. The true value is formed by skillful and competent people, transforming their ideas and knowledge into these codes. Example of this is the Open Source project DAO Fusion

DAO Fusion is the result of an effort to unify the concept of a DAO layer across projects based on Java platform. DAO layer is an application layer responsible for accessing the database, based on the Data Access Object design pattern in context with Java Enterprise Edition technology. 

The mission of DAO Fusion is simple – to build more reliable, maintainable and testable DAO layers without the need to repeat the same code which is prone to errors. This essentially saves time and resources and enables teams to meet project budgets by focusing on business logic rather than reinventing the “DAO wheel”. DAO Fusion is ANASOFT’s contribution to the Open Source community with hope it will be useful to other Java developers as it is to ANASOFT. 

More information can be found at:

Official project site:

Google Code project site:


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