ANASOFT created innovative mobile solution to speed up the cash-flow for CETELEM


Cetelem is daughter BNP PARIBAS PERSONAL FINANCE, S.A.; France. Signing a credit contract on a tablet – the Cetelem Slovensko a.s. company belongs to the pioneers in launching technological innovations on the Slovak market. In 2013 the company was the first one to bring the eSign Cetelem on the market, providing thus the possibility to conclude a contract on consumer credit using the electronic means. The eSign Cetelem can be used thanks to the SIGNATUS solution by the ANASOFT software company.

signing on a tablet

Since 2000, the Cetelem Slovensko a.s. company is the market leader in launching innovations that improve the services provided to clients. The eSign Cetelem enables signing a credit contract on a tablet. This innovation brings fundamental changes to the process of submitting a credit application. A client signs a contract directly on a device displaying it.

Revolution in instalment sale

The eSign Cetelem solution brings significant change to shops, regarding the method of instalment sale of goods. While until now the customers had to choose the goods first and then arrange all formalities at a specified place, the mobile device enables that the “instalments come to the customer”. Thus it is possible to process and sign a credit application and then a contract at any place. e-sign

This modern solution reduces the time necessary for concluding a contract with a client and simplifies the whole purchase process, as thanks to a mobile device the seller is no longer bound to carry out the sale at one place. If a merchant wants to arrange credit contracts via Cetelem in a „paper-free” way, the only thing required is an end-use device that enables entering a signature with a touch pen on a screen.

Merchants are motivated by the cash-flow speed-upWhile previously a seller had to wait for 4 to 5 days for payment for the goods sold within the instalment sale, thanks to the eSign Cetelem

signing on a tablet

the payment is made as soon as on the following day.

Transparency and safety

The eSign Cetelem service is beneficial above all for clients, especially in terms of safety and higher overall transparency. After signing a contract with a touch pen the contract becomes locked, i.e. secure against any modifications. The document is signed using electronic means – an autograph containing  biometric elements, authenticity of which can be verified just like a conventional signature on a sheet of paper.

Signing contracts with electronic signatures eliminates the loss and errors that usually occur in paper documents. When signed, a contract is electronically sent to a client’s e-mail box, and also to the Cetelem’s central database.

A client can thus return to the contract at any time and read it again. All the documents related to the credit will be available 24 hours online through the secure Client Zone accessible on the company’s website.