ANASOFT, Jointly with Technology Leaders, is Developing Simple, Reliable and Secure Smart Solutions


ANASOFTT-COMIn the first four months of 2014 a solution for digitized signature of electronic documents established itself both on the Slovak and international markets that ANASOFT initially introduced in 2013. The year of 2013 was from the perspective of smart solutions successful also at the German ANASOFT, where as a development partner of Deutsche Telekom the Smart Home Box project was implemented.

ANASOFT and Deutsche Telekom are developing solutions for tablets and smartphones enabling the elderly comfortable living. Main requirement in development of such software is robustness and simplicity of use.

The project goal is to develop a device which is able to assist the seniors in their everyday activity thanks to its software oriented at a reliable user friendly system running on mobile devices.

First results from the KoopAS research project were shown in 2013. Project is financed by the German Ministry of Research and Education.

More about the joint  ANASOFT,  Deutsche Telekom project can be found at: