When Managing Isn’t Enough for the Management of Flats


DOMUS conferences 2017

ANASOFT organized two conferences in October for heat producers and administrators of residential and non-residential properties.  We’ve been refining the DOMUS information system for administrators of apartments for more than 20 years. This product solution has been deployed for over 600, 000 units throughout Europe.

The conferences were attended by more than 280 participants from approximately 100 property management companies. Even in this segment, new technology is constantly being developed. Therefore it’s only natural that mobile applications and automated notifications, as well as the incorporation of legislative and technological changes in the DOMUS system and not new system features became the main subject this year. 

Selected Topics at Conferences:

Handwritten Signing of Various Outputs on Tablets   

SIGNATUSThe DOMUS information system can be connected to SIGNATUS, the product solution by ANASOFT which enables the signing of any output electronically on a tablet or smartphone. The documents are legally binding and in compliance with European electronic signature standards.  

SIGNATUS enables flexibility in document setting, and may contain pre-completed texts, toggle buttons and checkboxes, options to select the scanning of biometric characteristics signatures and others.

Setting standard outputs is even free of charge for DOMUS information system users. The administrator just needs a tablet or smartphone with a stylus.

Mobile Application for All Users

This year, ANASOFT developed an eDOMUS mobile application for management company staff. It can be used for technical inspections in houses, meetings with apartment owners and resolving their issues. Users can find all of the important information from the DOMUS system which can be edited or added to anytime and anywhere. After testing by 20 clients this summer, the app was installed for free for all interested subjects directly at the conference. Next year the app will also be extended to other modules, such as salary modules and heat producer modules.  

For more information about the eDOMUS app click here: also at this website.

Notification Setup

The notification system has been expanded in the DOMUS information software to make it even more effective. From now on, clients can be simply notified about new contributions to forums, daily meter reading management, requests, changes in electronic document boxes, etc.  The notifications are fully automatic and free of any interventions from the operators. 

GDPRPersonal Data Protection Pursuant to European GDPR

This presentation introduced the principles, legal basis, rights of concerned persons, as well as the impact of this Regulation on the activities of management companies throughout Europe. Changes in the system reflecting new requirements arising from this Regulation were also presented. The presentation included the method of submitting individual documents pursuant to GDPR and the list of risks to be avoided in order to prevent high fines. 

Other Interesting Topics: 

  • How to avoid becoming a victim of hackers
  • Residential building management billing made simple
  • Simple and clear mass mailing
  • News of the system, individual modules and others

If you find any of the presented topics interesting, do not hesitate to  write to us. We will gladly answer all of your questions.