We Also Care about the Earth - ANASOFT is Part of Earth Hour


Earth HourDo you know what you’ll be doing on Saturday March 19 from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.?  We do. Together with billions of people – inhabitants of our blue planet, we will shed light on climate change in the global campaign called Earth Hour.  Why don’t you get together with your friends, family, company, community and join us?  

Earth Hour is the largest global campaign dedicated to raising awareness of climate change. Hundreds of cities and towns around the world will participate by switching off street lights and spot lights on cultural monuments. Cities and volunteers will organize lantern and candle events, concerts, film screenings and sports events.  

ANASOFT will again become a part of this global ecological activity. It’s not only about switching off the company logo and reducing electricity consumption for 60 minutes. It’s about everyone striving to contribute a little bit to making our Earth better and more beautiful, and especially to ensure that what we have the future generations will also have.  

We are proud that our staff supports this activity and in addition to saving energy at work they will encourage their families to participate.  

Because every one of us can make a small contribution to improving life on Earth.