UNIVERSAL maklérsky dom a.s. is another company where insurance policies can be signed paper-free


ANASOFT became part of another “paper-free” project involving the digital handwritten signing of documents. Thanks to this project, UNIVERSAL maklérsky dom a.s. has become the second Slovak company providing financial brokerage services where not only internal documents can be signed electronically but also insurance contracts of selected insurance companies.  

UNIVERSAL maklérsky dom a.s. is another company where insurance policies can be signed paper-free UNIVERSAL maklérsky dom a.s., in cooperation with selected insurance companies, has adopted a fully paper-free sales process. The AXA insurance company, which has supported the digitizing of processes for a long time, will be the first to make use of the biometric system.

The introduction of electronic signatures in an organization results in savings in terms of paper and its storage  – because a contract is not printed, filled out by classical pen and provided to the customer upon signing via email in PDF format. How does it work from the technical aspect? Tablets, notebooks and signpads used for the visualization of the document and signing can, in addition to others, read and capture not only the image of the signature but also the pressure, acceleration and dynamics of the motion.  These data are unique for each signing person and constitute an inseparable part of the electronic signature of document.

Peter Varga, director of the division of insurance and brokerage systems in Softec, which cooperated with ANASOFT in this project as the business processes integrator, says: “The insurance sector is a model example where new technology brings benefits. An insurance policy is a document which consists of dozens of pages on paper. Its full digitizing, including the customer’s signature, simplifies the entire process and enhances its effectiveness.” 

For example, approximately 1 ton of paper, including accompanying documentation such as general insurance terms and conditions, brokerage protocol and others, is required for the conclusion of 1,500 insurance contracts in paper version. Hundreds of thousands of contracts are concluded annually in Slovakia which requires thousands of tons of paper.

UNIVERSAL maklérsky dom a.s. is another company where insurance policies can be signed paper-free “Introducing digital handwritten signing represents a significant step in terms of modernizing our services for customers, as well as from the aspect of our partners. The new system of signing and concluding contracts, currently used by the AXA insurance company will simplify their work and enable them to concentrate on the most important thing, communication with customers. We have decided to continue in this trend and to include other partners in this project,” adds Pavel Smetana, member of the Board of Directors of UNIVERSAL maklérsky dom, a.s.

Since the process of electronic signing is fully supported legislatively in Slovakia, other commercial companies will want to be a part of this essential innovation in working with documents. Anasoft brings to its partners and clients long-term expert experience, well-tested technology and its own innovation in the area of electronic signing solutions.