SW Product Development Quality Confirmed by ISO Norm


SW Product Development Quality Confirmed by ISO Norm ANASOFT successfully completed the ISO 20555 compliance audit in late August and thus obtained a certificate attesting to the quality of its software products for the next three years.

The standards covered by ISO/IEC 25000, also known as SQuaRE (Software Product Quality Requirements and Evaluation), create a common framework for the quality assessment of software products.   

The quality assessment of a product consists of assessing its individual characteristics and sub-characteristics, which we focus on during its development, such as the functionality of the product itself, its performance, compatibility, applicability, reliability, sustainability, portability, and last but not least, its security.  

By acquiring this certificate we once again confirm that the quality and security of our products come first, and that we not only deal with quality on the process level, but also on the level of the SW development level. 

Added value:

  • Guarantee of SW product quality;
  • Detection and error correction in the first stages of the life cycle of the product, debugging of errors before delivery, which means saving of costs in the next stage of maintenance;
  • Appraisal and control of performance and functionality of the product and the guarantee that it will generate correct results with regard to the established time and resource constraints;
  • Assurance that the product fulfilled security requirements (reliability, integrity, authenticity, traceability and others); and
  • Inspection to ensure that the product can be launched without threatening other systems while maintaining compatibility with required frameworks.