Paperless – everything is under control. Emotions, technology, business.


PAPERLESS - Everything under Control. Emotions, Technology, Business in Warsaw

On Wednesday, June 15, 2016, Warsaw became the center for a topic which companies have been dealing with for several years, namely how to prepare and implement business processes that are faster and cheaper.

Therefore the conference entitled PAPERLESS - Everything under Control. Emotions, Technology, Business in Warsaw, tried to answer the question of what actually determines the competitive advantage of companies in the market

This is also the focal topic for Billenium, the company which is a partner of ANASOFT in paperless signing and which deals with document management in the Polish market. SIGNATUS – ANASOFT’s unique solution which enables the signing of legally binding documents without any internet connection, became a part of this conference.

Thus SIGNATUS has been given the green light for the north of Central Europe, and thanks to its implementation it will enable companies to achieve higher quality business processes.  Also, thanks to the introduction of the cutting edge possibilities of this solution, customers can finally forget about printing or storing forms, and the damage to or loss of documents. The document processing period may be reduced from several days to several minutes while the searching, sorting and analyzing of electronic contracts is incomparably faster and more effective.