SIGNATUS e-Signature at Retail Banking Forum 2015 in Vienna


We’d like to invite you to visit our stand and to have a chat at the Retail Banking Forum 2015 in Vienna already this week Thursday and Friday, 26.-27.November 2015. The company Anasoft will present its e-Signature solution SIGNATUS, which is already in place at diverse customers around the region. The full audience presentation is to be hold on Thursday at 11:20 am, while we will be further available for discussion all the day Thursday and Friday.

SIGNATUS e-Signature at retail Banking Forum 2015 in Vienna

We will live demonstrate the already delivered solutions, to show and offer a “ready to use” enterprise application for internal test and pilot purposes – with minimal investment requirements, and no further obligation. 

Key Takeaways

  • Best practices of Digitalization
  • Technology boom and tools to benefit from it
  • Bank Branch Transformation
  • Developing products for multigenerational customers


  • Speaker: Michal LICHNER, ANASOFT
  • Speech title: The evolution of e-Signature technology - Case Study & Live Demonstration (BNP Paribas Finacial Servics and KBC Privat Bank)
  • Date and time of presentation: Thuersday, 11:20 a.m.
  • Place: Renaissance Wien Hotel, Vienna, Austria
  • Organizer: GLC - Global Leading Conferences

Solution Outline

Every year banks & financial institution executes and approves hundreds of thousands of contracts, each containing several documents that had to be printed multiple times. SIGNATUS e-Signature solution fulfills all requirements for a full digitization and dematerialization of documents which is one of strategic initiatives of both BNP Paribas Personal Finance, as well as KBC Group.

To the clients it evokes the traditional process they are used to - reading the contract, loan or an agreement, validating it, marking consent via checkboxes, and then signing right below the text, even multiple times. The only difference is that they are not signing a paper form, rather than an electronic document on screen of a tablet or smartphone.

The service is convenient and beneficial to the clients, especially from the security and comfort perspective. The PDF document is signed on tablet which also captures the biometric signals throughout the signing process. The static image of a signature can be verified in the same way as a signature given on paper. However, the additional dynamic biometrics data provides additional evidence if the authenticity of the signature is in doubt. After signing the document on tablet the contract is locked and protected from any changes.

About Anasoft’s SIGNATUS

Is a unique e-signature solution for creating and closing legally binding digital documents.

Operates on mobile devices independent from back-end infrastructure making it suitable for point-of-sale and also mobile use.

Is integrated with data capture tools enabling fast and comfortable filling of document templates. Thus, documents can be created and signed by a handwritten biometric signature anytime, anywhere.

Compared to the other electronic signature solutions it offers unrivaled security, compliance, non-repudiation and is the most similar to the traditional paper-based signing ceremony.

Available for partners and customers in form of SDK for further integration possibilities, mobile pre-installed ready-to-use application, or in form of end-to-end enterprise solution.

Is build on top of the Kofax SignDoc technology. 

Best Use of E-signatureBNP Paribas Personal Finance company received Kofax award in the category „Best Use of E-signature or Signature Verification“ at Kofax Transform 2015 in Las Vegas. The solution was developed and supplied by Anasoft using Kofax SignDoc technology for capturing biometric features of the handwritten signature on Samsung Galaxy Note tablets.