O2 Customers Now Signing Contracts With Courier Without Paper


Press Release / O2 / mojandroid.sk

O2 customers now signing contracts with courier without paper

O2, the international telecommunications company, in cooperation with the Slovak Parcel Service InTime courier company has launched a system for signing of contracts with handwritten digital signature. The system is based on award-winning SIGNATUS e-signature technology by ANASOFT and supplied by startup Axepto. This way O2 increases comfort and delivers value to its customers while becoming a full-fledged “paperless” company.

One hundred couriers are equipped with this technology at the moment and within next two months it will be rolled out to several hundred SPS / InTime couriers in Slovakia.

“O2 Slovakia customers are used to sign required contractual documentation electronically at O2 sales points. Now we can bring paperless contracts even to customers who order our services through the O2 eShop or over the phone. The advantage of electronically signed contracts is not only their ecological form but the speed of processing. Services ordered remotely can be delivered and activated within one day.” Tereza Molnár, Spokesperson, O2 Slovakia.

Electronic Signing of Contracts at Your Home

After online order is placed in e-shop or over the phone, customer documentation is created and forwarded to the logistics warehouse, where O2 packs it with the new telephone. The Slovak Parcel Services / InTime courier delivers the documentation together with new phone and/or SIM card to the customer's home, where signature ceremony takes place.

 “The customer receives the documentation in advance by e-mail; she can also check and read the contract directly on the courier’s tablet, and then sign it using the stylus - the touch sensitive pen. Once contract is signed, the customer receives a signed electronic original of the contract by e-mail and her application is instantly processed in the O2 systems.” Juraj Masaryk, Project Manager, O2 Slovakia.

Biometric Signature

In February 2012, O2 became the first operator to introduce this kind of e-signing. Besides the picture of signature biometric signing collects also biometric data -- dynamic characteristics that provide increased security because of the signature parameters, which are unique for each person and are securely stored within each signed electronic document.

The main benefit of this technology is to significantly reduce the costs related to transferring documents from paper to electronic form.

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