New sleek look of Signatus


Signatus is introducing a modern brand and pushes forward on its global ambitions.

Signatus electronick signature

Our digital transformation solution incorporating handwritten signature into digital workflows has entered a new phase of its global development. Rebranding of Signatus was ignited by new use cases and customer success stories on various continents. The solution started as an Android application with exceptional security measures protecting integrity and traceability of the document during the process of signing and its submission. The team successfully implemented offline signature workflow at sales channels of financial providers across Central and Eastern Europe, in Latin America and Middle East.

Our new identity reflect growing trend towards digitalisation, streamlining internal business processes and improving customer experience. Signatus stronghold is at its ability to be plugged into any system using REST or CMIS protocols, to build powerful workflows supporting and guiding a business process as well as the ability to serve customers anywhere and anytime they want.

Signatus highlight features are fast deployment, security, compliance and global reach through growing partnerships.

Powerful business toolThe most successful use cases turn tablets into powerful business tools. Customer onboarding done at a point of sale, brings together legally binding contract edited and checked on a screen and signed with a traditional and familiar handwritten signature. Cost saving associated with the decreased processing, approval and delivery times improve revenues for our business clients and create a positive customer experience.

Give Signatus a spin and see how easily you can sign any PDF document with our Android application. You can find out more and test Signatus.