Interview with Michal Hrabovec in FORBES magazine




ANASOFT software house earned millions in the half of the last decade. However, the market has changed. Software became a commodity and tailor-made solutions became too expensive. How to put the ship with 100 crew members about, particularly when you celebrate quarter century?

“The most important and at the same time most difficult thing is to find new leaders, not project managers, but the real managers,“ Michal Hrabovec, the President and Co-owner of ANASOFT, describes his main experience...


Forbes is a magazine with 93-year history and it is published by the American company – Forbes. It is one of the most important journals on finance, business and economy in the world. People who want to be successful are looking for their inspiration in the magazine.

That is one of many reasons why we are happy that this international journal drew a bead on Michal Hrabovec, the President of the company, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of ANASOFT. 

ANASOFT at FORBESForbes prepared a several-pages-long interview filled not only with professional experience, but also a lot of inspiration for those who want to do a fair business from the heart.

We would like to thank Forbes magazine for the possibility to publish the entire interview (only in slovak language) and pictures.