Innovations in administration of premises as the key topics at DOMUS conferences 2019


Innovations in administration of premises as the key topics at DOMUS conferences 2019

ANASOFT organized another year of conferences for management companies and housing associations. If companies manage 700,000 spaces in the DOMUS information system, they could enjoy two full days of lectures and workshops on the latest generation of the software for administration of premises. 

The latest version of DOMUS X information system for administrators

ANASOFT introduced the upcoming latest version of the information software - DOMUS X - was introduced at the conference. It brings a sophisticated user interface, many minor improvements and interesting news. The installation in 250 companies will start at the end of 2019.


Conference participants positively evaluated the new view of the system data in the form of a Calendar. It displays data from all records and groups them into days, weeks or months. When viewing the past, users can see the overview of what is happening in the house, changes from the owners, reminders, written votes, repairs or technician visits. Therefore, it is possible to find out what is happening in the house very quickly, for example before the house meeting. It is also very easy to have a look into the future where users become aware of the need to revise or pay the invoices.

Invoice approval via e-mail

Invoice approval via email by the owner representatives represents another innovation which automatizes sending and approval of invoices. The administrator has to mark the invoice for approval and DOMUS X generates an email with a unique link to the page for approval of selected invoice. The owner representative can subsequently view the invoice on this page and approve or disapprove it. His/her selection is automatically viewed in the system.

Service Desk

X version offers unification of maintenance requirements and other requests into a single Service Desk. Service Desk brought improved notifications, communications and various forms of reporting, including on-line forms.

If you are interested in more information about the upcoming version of DOMUS X for administrators and housing associations, please, do not hesitate to contact us.