Good Health Tailor-made for ANASOFTies


Good Health Tailor-made for ANASOFTiesOn World Health Day,  the employees of ANASOFT dedicated some of their time to their health and treated their bodies and souls to a bit of rest and relaxation.  With the assistance of Vital studio and UNION health insurance company, ANASOFT prepared a tailor-made ANASOFT health day.

Although it is said that men attend preventative examinations less frequently than women, the men of ANASOFT were well represented in the health-relaxation procedures and examinations.

Seated massages which are regularly provided at ANASOFT, were replaced by oil back and neck massages on this day.

Paraffin wrapParaffin wrap is a recommended procedure for softening and rejuvenating the hands. It also has a positive impact on reducing hand pain. This regenerating treatment is a real blessing for IT people and others who spend hours tapping on the keyboard.

Anyone who wasn’t afraid of needles could have their  cholesterol, hemoglobin, body fat and BMI measured by experts from UNION health insurance.

Many people were interested in the body analysis measured by the InBody 230 apparatus. The results were then explained to them by a nutritionist.

World Health Day 2016World Health Day was declared in 1950 by the World Health Organization in commemoration of its establishment in 1948. This date is traditionally accompanied by global events devoted to the theme of the year. The slogan for World Health Day 2016  is Let’s Beat Diabetes, while the European region of the WHO has its own slogan: Be Active – Eat Healthy – Follow Medical Advice.