ENTERPRISE MOBILITY SUMMIT 2016 (Strategien – Technologien – Best Practice)



On 6th -7th October 2016, a two-day ENTERPRISE MOBILITY SUMMIT 2016  took place in Frankfurt am Main. Upon the invitation of the ANASOFT’s technological partner, SAMSUNG Electronics, ANASOFT participated in this event, where mobility benefits for a company were presented.

ANASOFT, a company with a unique solution of electronic signature, the SIGNATUS, bringing real benefits to the strategies within digital transformation of companies, focused their presence at the conference also on searching new opportunities for extending the network of partners for the sale and implementation of SIGNATUS among customers on the German market.  

ENTERPRISE MOBILITY SUMMIT 2016 ENTERPRISE MOBILITY SUMMIT 2016 conference was held under the presence of 170 participants interested in key competences in the field of company processes digitalisation.  

All topics covered by the ENTERPRISE MOBILITY SUMMIT 2016 were related to the aspects of comprehensive company mobility and provided important information to be considered when designing, performing, extending, or operating successful mobility in a company. 

Lectures presented by individual independent experts in the field of mobility offered well-established procedures and practical examples of implementation, while applying a technical or a business-focused approach. During those two days, participants had an opportunity to share their opinions and experience within discussion forums.  

Photo gallery from the event. 

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The SIGNATUS partnership programme for electronic signing of documents offers attractive benefits to the members. The programme benefits are structured in order to assist the partners with successful supplies of products and provision of services to their end customers.

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