Conferences for administrators of residential and non-residential properties dealing with special topics


DOMUS conference 2018

ANASOFT organized the twelfth annual conferences for property management companies and housing associations that use the unique DOMUS information system for property management and heat production. 

Both conferences are considered to be leading in the field of administration of residential and non-residential premises. Clients learn about the news and improvements in DOMUS system during two days of professional presentations. They discover the possibility of effective introduction of changes in their organizations during workshops. 

DOMUS 2018 Conference main topics 

News regarding eDOMUS mobile application

eDOMUS mobile application represent a mobile office providing 100% comfort at work for administrators at any time wherever they are. The newest update of the application offers active operations allowing the field personnel to directly edit various data as well as enter new records into the database. Another new feature includes direct connection to the map data of individual addresses, overview representation of invoices for apartment buildings etc. These new features of the application showed the possibility of using QR codes and introduced other modules as mobile applications – this time, the ones related to heat production and distribution and economic agenda. 

Information safety (not only) for administrators

Apartment administration was not able to keep from virus attacks and blackmailing by a hacker. Since ANASOFT offers highly specialized data protection and mobile security services, one lecture was devoted to the possibilities of protection from harmful attacks against this target group. Little piece of advice for others: use Firewall, update your operation system regularly (servers/PCs/mobile phones), install the updated version of Endpoint security solution (Antivirus software, Antispam software, Antibot software, Antispyware etc.), make back up, innovate the versions of operation systems and hardware and educate the users (for identification of phishing etc.). 

News for the economic agenda

Clients who manage their economic agenda in DOMUS software – double-entry bookkeeping with support for invoicing, sales, inventory and property records – work with FINUS module. New features bringing beneficial and favourable work simplification were introduced this year. These include for example linking the directory of companies to FinStat database, in which case the data will be filled in automatically after entering the Company Registration Number. New outputs such as orders, demands for payment or delivery notes are also interesting not only in view of aesthetics, but also regarding users. 

Panel discussion: “What changes would you like to be introduced in the upcoming period”

Possibility to take part in the upcoming changes in DOMUS information software was introduced during the last conference. These changes will affect the biggest portal for apartment dwellers called Poschodoch, system of keeping records of meetings and requirement reporting.

Thus, the clients had an opportunity to influence the future development of applications which in turn will contribute to the user’s profit and comfort.