ANASOFT knows how to link school theory and practice. Do you?


A growing number of students nowadays are becoming aware of the importance of education. However, a quality education is often not enough to get a good job. Companies frequently expect graduates to have practical experience.

Because ANASOFT is interested in developing close contacts with universities and their students, it intensively cooperates with university students in its research and development laboratory known as ANAlab. This project answers the questions of how students can become part of a team of professionals in a software company even during their studies, how to gain knowledge in practice and how to complement it with other knowledge.  

This project allows students to work on interesting topics along with ANASOFT experts. The goal of the laboratory is to use the most recent scientific knowledge and information and communication technologies to develop solutions which gradually become the basis for extending the company’s portfolio of products and services.

The ANAlab project was also presented at iKariera Days of Opportunities on April 15, 2015. This prestigious job fair is organized each year at universities in selected cities.

The fair is designated for students and graduates of technical specializations and provides them with the opportunity to meet representatives from a wide range of companies who come to offer job vacancies and communicate with students, all under one roof.  

ANASOFT’s ANAlab program for 2015

  • The KINECT One for Windows in industry project allows students to become acquainted with the Kinect One technology and test the possibilities for its use in comparison with the previous version, with an emphasis on the possibility of the direct use of this Microsoft technology in the automotive industry.
  • Mobile application testing is addressed in two projects – the Automated testing of mobile applications and Draft methods for testing mobile applications systematically and effectively. Students working on these projects test SIGNATUS and other mobile solutions.
  • Team members in the Enterprise Architect project for SW designers will definitively test and improve their programming skills as they encounter one of the most frequently used CASE tools in practice.
  • The project regarding secure remote access in CLOUD is all about working hard in the field of IT security technologies. In this case, the interest of the researchers is crucial and not the technology itself.  

By participating in these projects, students will get an opportunity to acquire practical experience and discover that work can also be fun. 

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Študenti na Dni príležitostí 2015   Pracovná príležitosť pre študentov ANALAB