ANASOFT is a New Member of the Business Leaders Forum


ANASOFT is a New Member of the Business Leaders ForumThe public’s awareness of responsible business keeps growing and so does the number of companies becoming involved in CSR activities. At the most recent network meeting of the Business Leaders Forum, the member companies approved the admission of ANASOFT, thus raising the number of BLF members to 43.

ANASOFT, the current Via Bona Slovakia winner in the category of Responsible Small/Medium-Size Companies, pays attention to education related to professional qualifications, language preparation and personal development.  At ANASOFT, it is important for everybody to find his/her form of self-expression and the proper work-life balance. The company regularly involves its employees in volunteer activities. ANASOFT also created a paperless office solution in an attempt to reduce the impact on the environment. And for twelve years now, ANASOFT has supported the ANASOFT litera literary award for the best prose publication of the previous year. 

More about the Business Leaders Forum

The Business Leaders Forum is an informal association of companies which strive to be leaders in promoting responsible business principles. 

The BLF mission is to improve society by creating and introducing responsible business standards.   

The Business Leaders Forum was officially established in April 2004 as a result of efforts to a platform of business entities that would serve as a model for and guarantor of responsible business.  

By signing the Memorandum of Social Responsibility of Companies, the founding members thus declared their interest in voluntarily integrating into their corporate strategy a set of principles taking into consideration the social, ethical and environmental aspects of business while also inspiring other companies to act responsibly.