ANASOFT on AI Ethics and Regulation Commission


A newly established special commission for ethics and the regulation of artificial intelligence will deal with questions regarding the functioning of systems utilizing artificial intelligence for the benefit of humanity, as well as its risks. Its members were appointed by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Informatization of the Slovak Republic.

The commission was established as an independent, expert advisory body of the Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic.

The newly appointed commission for artificial intelligence has 25 members. It includes experts from the fields of law, information and communication technologies, mathematics, philosophy, theology and medicine. Membership is honorary and the term of office is five years.

We are honored to be a part of the commission and to be able to reap the fruit of our competence in this area in the near future. At ANASOFT, we have dedicated more than 15 years to the implementation of software solutions which increasingly reduce the need for human intervention. Especially in the area of Smart Industry, we continuously deal with issues in the form of cooperation between people and information systems, which after the implementation of AI tools, has reached a completely new level.

We believe that our efforts on the commission will be concentrated not only on the regulation and establishment of rules for the proposal and development of these solutions, but on breaking down the unfounded bias of the general public against these modern technologies.