Electronic Contracting System “going live” in February


Slovak Electronic contracting system (SECS) supplied to the Ministry of Interior by the consortium of ANASOFT, Slovak Telekom and Tlačová agentúra Slovenskej republiky (The News Agency of the Slovak Republic) is “going live” on February 1.

State-run eBay Live


The first transactions have been carried out on the electronic market (also called the state-run eBay) organized by the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic. The creation of a transparent environment for public procurement is the main goal.

Signatus will be presented at Cartes Secure Connexions in Paris


For its 29th edition, CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS, the global event for the digital security industry dedicated to secure solutions for payment, identification and mobility, is following current major trends. The main theme for this edition, Users on the move, is a direct response to the growing needs for interconnection and mobility of the end users. ANASOFT will present their solution Signatus - mobile and offline handwritten signature on the electronic devices.

ANASOFT will present Signatus at the Financial fair in Dortmund, Germany


ANASOFT will present Signatus solution at the DKM 2014 fair in Dortmund on 28-30 October of 2014. Signatus will be shown at the stand of our technology partner, known around the world for biometry solutions and signature processing the company of SOFTPRO GmbH.

ANASOFT at the 12th Annual Retail Banking Forum


Anasoft has presented the Signatus solution at the 12th Annual Retail Banking Forum in Bratislava on 15-16 October of 2014.

First Lego League Award for ANASOFT


HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V. has recognized acknowledged ANASOFT as a significant promoter of the education of students in natural sciences and technology for its long-term support of the FIRST LEGO League Competition in Slovakia.

Meter Reading Application Passes the Customer Test


ANASOFT’s new mobile meter reading application has been successfully installed and tested in more than 4,600 apartments. This application saves time and technology for entering the readings, while the registering of readings has become more precise. Furthermore up-to-date photographs of meters were added.

ANASOFT’s EMANS Became 2014 IT PRODUCT of the Year Finalist


The finalists were announced in Bratislava, Slovakia at ANASOFT's main development centre for the prestigious IT PERSON, IT COMPANY, IT PRODUCT and IT PROJECT of the year. ANASOFT’s EMANS - Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) was nominated in the IT PRODUCT category.

ANASOFT, Jointly with Technology Leaders, is Developing Simple, Reliable and Secure Smart Solutions


EAB Seminar Biometrics in Banking - Reality Check 2014


May 21, 2014 - Berlin: SOFTPRO is participating together with its partner ANASOFT at the first workshop about “Biometrics in Banking” of the European Association for Biometrics (EAB). It will be a unique option to get a holistic overview about various forms of Biometrics used in banking today. Besides dynamic signature recognition there will be reports about the usage of the recognition of finger prints, finger vein, iris and voice. SOFTPRO and ANASOFT will also showcase their E-Signing solutions in the exhibition.

ANASOFT SIGNATUS in Lisbon at the SOFTPRO Partner Academy 2014


ANASOFT, as one of the primary partners of SOFTPRO, will attend a meeting of the Signature Community regularly organized at various cities of the World. This year the chosen venue is in Lisbon, Portugal at the beginning of May.

CeBIT 2014: A. Merkel visited booth of Samsung where also Anasoft's solution is presented


SIGNATUS is Anasoft's solution for digital handwitten signing of legally binding documents on mobile devices. It was selected as one of few recommended applications for Finance sector to be presented on Samsung's booth at CeBIT 2014 in Hanover. Among other important guests and business partners Samsung booth was visited by German chancelor A. Merkel and Britain's prime minister D. Cameron.