Microsoft’s “Best Solution to Operating Cost Saving” award has been granted to ANASOFT


For the fifth time in a row, Microsoft has recognised the best customer solutions of its partners. This year, there were record-breaking 21 partners entering the competition with 29 solutions. The winner of “Microsoft Industry Awards” for the best solution to operating cost saving has been ANASOFT with its application of electronics at courts of arbitration.

Agile Methods and Innovation Consulting for the Bayer AG in Leverkusen


Anasoft Technology AG in Bochum supports Bayer Business Services – the IT service provider for Bayer AG in the implementation of innovative methods of software development. The focus is on agile methods such as Scrum, process-driven applications using BPMN, quality management and integration with SOA.

ANASOFT - the partner of international security forum GLOBSEC 2011


ANASOFT has become a partner of the unique international security forum GLOBSEC 2011. It is a regular forum of influential personalities from the field of high international politics, private non-governmental sector and intellectual sphere not only from both sides of the Atlantic, but also from a wider international security community. GLOBSEC is the only central European event of its kind, taking place regularly once a year in Bratislava.

Assembly Lines from England to Mexico


ANASOFT has recently successfully finished the implementation of EMANS product (complex management of assembly processes) designed for control of assembly line production for HBPO in Banbury, England.

Major Gaming Development in Spain


Anasoft shows its continuous contribution to the gaming market with the introduction of lottery communities for the Spanish lottery La Primitiva.

ANASOFT is the winner of Microsoft Industry Awards 2010


ANASOFT entered the competition with solution named Implementation of MS Exchange 2010 in IT company of the year in the category of Most efficient utilization of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 combination.

Oracle Mobile Server provides field workers with current data Europe-wide


Our German branch Anasoft Technology implemented an extensive automatic data- and software-sharing solution based on the Oracle Mobile Server for Europe’s largest trailer manufacturer Schmitz Cargobull.

Anasoft is the IT Company of 2009 in Slovakia


The IT company of 2009 prize was awarded to Anasoft APR, s.r.o. during theprestigious IT Gala evening. Committee especially appreciated the company products, like solution for manufacturing companies with assembly production, comprehensive system for administration of residential and non-residential premises, processing of legal action through a portal or supply of comprehensive system for production management of branches in Slovakia, Czech Republic and United Kingdom. Company also participated on public service projects, support of education, health care and culture.

ANASOFT presents its second OpenSource project m2-site-tools


This project is a handy toolkit for developers and companies that use Maven 2 site generation capabilities in order to generate HTML project presentations. m2-site-tools extends the standard site plugin that comes with Maven 2 with custom macros and page template and offers many exciting features: inserting highlighted code snippets as well as parametrized HTML, Google Analytics and Google Friend Connect integration, SEO (meta-description) support and more. The main advantage of using m2-site-tools is the ability to generate professional project presentations and integrate them with today’s popular services and APIs.

Monitoring and Management of Production Processes in HBPO


HBPO, world-wide development and manufacturing partner of front-end modules for all major car manufacturers has monitoring and management of production processes under control. International company ANASOFT has designed new conception of production process management for HBPO which brought transparency into the production process monitoring and synchronization of order realization.

ANASOFT is entering the world of Open Source by launching its first project DAO Fusion


ANASOFT presents the knowledge and experience of its people because it realizes that true value of a software company is not held within its source codes. The true value is formed by skillful and competent people, transforming their ideas and knowledge into these codes. Example of this is the Open Source project DAO Fusion.

Anasoft is Microsoft Industry Awards 2009 winner


Microsoft has announced the winners of Microsoft Industry Awards 2009 in 10 categories.