SIGNATUS at HSM Expo 2016 event in Sao Paulo, Brazil


We are presenting SIGNATUS at HSM Expo 2016 event in Sao Paulo, Brazil on November 7-9, 2016. ANASOFT’s award winning e-signature solution is already serving several customers on Brazilian market and gaining a lot of attention thanks to its lightweight architecture, high security and easy deployment.

Automotive Suppliers CEE - Conference & Exhibition


The Automotive Suppliers CEE - Conference & Exhibition offers business contacts to car industry professionals who are looking for potential partners in Slovakia to ensure sustainable business development and growth.

ENTERPRISE MOBILITY SUMMIT 2016 (Strategien – Technologien – Best Practice)


On 6th -7th October 2016, a two-day ENTERPRISE MOBILITY SUMMIT 2016 took place in Frankfurt am Main. Upon the invitation of the ANASOFT’s technological partner, SAMSUNG Electronics, ANASOFT participated in this event, where mobility benefits for a company were presented.

Interview with Michal Hrabovec in FORBES magazine


Forbes is a magazine with 93-year history and it is published by the American company – Forbes. It is one of the most important journals on finance, business and economy in the world. People who want to be successful are looking for their inspiration in the magazine. That is one of many reasons why we are happy that this international journal drew a bead on Michal Hrabovec, the President of the company, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of ANASOFT.

FIRST LEGO LEAGUE - global robotics competition opens the door to other challenges


The organizers of the largest international robotics competition for participants from 9 to 16 years of age have publicized the assignments and missions for this year. The competition is being held for the ninth time in Slovakia, but the opening of another regional round in Bratislava – Petržalka is new. Along with ANASOFT as the project partner, we are looking forward to seeing how gifted children successfully fulfill the robotics challenges.

EMANS Again at the 2016 Manufacturing Management Conference


INDUSTRY 4.0 in industry is the main topic of the 2016 Manufacturing Management international conference which will be held on October 25 and 26, 2016 at the Holiday Inn in Žilina (SVK). This two-day event will bring together 200 directors, production managers and managers who want to learn and be inspired by the speakers and each other. As the main event’s partner, ANASOFT cordially invites you to take part.

ANASOFT litera 2016 award goes to Brazil


On Monday, September 19, Slovak literature experts as well as readers learnt the name of the winner of the 2016 Anasoft litera award. The prize has been granted to authors of the best Slovak prosaic book or the translation of original prosaic book of writers who are the citizens of the Slovak Republic or the translation of their books into the Slovak language. All of these works had to be published in the previous year. The winner of the 11th Anasoft litera award is Peter Macsovsky. He has received the prize for his novel Tantalópolis.

Practical Logistics Forum presents the apply INDUSTRY 4.0 through EMANS


The main idea behind INDUSTRY 4.0 is to connect manufacturing machines, manufactured products, information systems and other segments of manufacturing through computers. The aim of such connection is to create an intelligent distributed network of various entities across the entire manufacturing process in which added value is created. We will present how to apply this to internal logistics through the practical example of our EMANS solution.

ANASOFT - Microsoft Partner of the Year 2016


Microsoft recognizes its partners. The 2016 Microsoft Partner of the Year award winners were selected from among 2,500 nominations (from 119 countries). ANASOFT also won this award in 2016.

UNIVERSAL maklérsky dom a.s. is another company where insurance policies can be signed paper-free


ANASOFT became part of another “paper-free” project involving the digital handwritten signing of documents. Thanks to this project, UNIVERSAL maklérsky dom a.s. has become the second Slovak company providing financial brokerage services where not only internal documents can be signed electronically but also insurance contracts of selected insurance companies.