ANASOFT is a New Member of the Business Leaders Forum


The public’s awareness of responsible business keeps growing and so does the number of companies becoming involved in CSR activities. At the most recent network meeting of the Business Leaders Forum, the member companies approved the admission of ANASOFT.

New sleek look of Signatus


Signatus is introducing a modern brand and pushes forward on its global ambitions.Our digital transformation solution incorporating handwritten signature into digital workflows has entered a new phase of its global development. Rebranding of Signatus was ignited by new use cases and customer success stories on various continents.

Digitalisation and Big Data in Industry


Most enterprises are investing in data accumulation and analytics’ technologies as a part of their route to digital transformation and Industry 4.0.

Sustainability as a Reigning Topic in the Logistics Segment


Central European logistics congress, EASTLOG, entered the third decade of its existence recently. The company, ANASOFT aided it by partnering with its new section, ITLOG.

The Biggest Logistics Event in the Central Europe


The company ANASOFT became a partner of the 21st edition of the congress EASTLOG, covering the whole domain of logistics and simultaneously reflecting the latest trends.

With the President of the Slovak Republic in Korea


The president, Andrej Kiska went on his first official visit to the Republic of Korea. On the journey, he was also accompanied by representatives of the successful domestic enterprises in the field of innovations, including ANASOFT.

Upcoming Logistics Trends at Logistic Conference 2018


Current and upcoming trends in logistics were the subject of the event “Logistics Conference 2018”. Experts and professionals from the field of logistics discussed latest innovations in automation and digitalization in logistics processes.

ANASOFT Presented Innovations At a Meeting of Industry Innovation Cluster


ANASOFT was invited as an innovator to the first-ever meeting of the recently launched Industry Innovation Cluster (IIC).

ANASOFT is at Home in Germany


The president of ANASOFT, Michal Hrabovec, talks to the German-Slovak Chamber of Industry and Commerce about the German market operations, solutions in the fields of Smart Industry and Logistics while weighting on markets and the market’s demands.

Optimizing the Logistics of a French Sugar Mill Network


Based on European sugar industry references, ANASOFT was selected to prepare a logistics optimization analysis for the Tereos network of French sugar mills.