Which mobile devices are suitable for those who work on the road?


Tomáš Klimeš, Product Sales Manager ANASOFT

Tablet Passes the Customer TestWe’re in daily contact with mobile devices, such as cell phones, handy smartphones and tablets. However, picking exactly the right device isn’t easy...

Imagine that you work as a service technician and you visit your customers on a day-to-day basis. If you repair washing machines or dishwashers, you probably visit your customers in their homes. But what if you have to travel to construction sites or other dusty locations? Dust and sand can spell trouble for your device. Sure, there are plenty of protective covers in the market to protect it from the elements or dirt. But if you have to use it in such an environment, even the best backpack or cover won’t be of much help.

So, which devices can function in such an environment and safely serve the needs of their owners?

Watch this short video on mobile device testing and you’ll be surprised.

The test you just saw shows that the device is also suitable for outdoor use. The connection of the tablet and the digital signature solution does away with hard copy handover protocols even in a dusty environment (construction sites, mining areas) or a dirty environment (factories, pipelines…) where paper can be easily destroyed and the data on it rendered illegible.     

Companies can make a profit from the products of others

Clever companies know how to use services connected with cell phones in favor of their own profit although their business is not in this field. Let me give you an example from everyday life. You’re in the city and you feel like having a coffee or snack.  The battery in your mobile device is low despite the fact that you switched it on saving mode. Which café or fast food place will you choose? The first one you see or the one you that provides its customers with the wireless charging of batteries? The answer to this question is clear. You can enjoy your coffee or snack while charging the battery of your mobile device.

However, it’s not so simple. In order to be able to use wireless charging you must have a mobile device that supports this feature. But this is a different topic all together. 

Are you interested in the possibility of eliminating hard copies in the process of confirming handover or service protocols?