Replace paper with pixels without losing the human touch


“Phygital e-signing” takes the best of both worlds, eliminating the burden of paper forms while keeping a natural way of signing a document by hand that is intuitive and highly acceptable to every user.

How to protect data from privileged users


Cyber-attacks are an increasingly frequent topic of discussion these days, and part and parcel of the use of modern information technologies, which are more and more frequently confronted with sophisticated and aggressive threat of various kinds. A wise Chinese proverb says: “He who has nothing to lose is the richest person.” Does the same apply to companies and company data? Company data stored in databases are as valuable as the “family silver” and anyone who is aware of their value knows that increased attention must be paid to them.

When Toys Find Their Way into the Hands of Adults


Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. The different perception of matters by different genders is frequently explained in such a simplified way. It all begins in childhood. If Kinect and Xbox are at the disposal of a girl, she will most probably use it as her personal fitness or dance instructor. Boys prefer something more combat-related or strategic. And how does it look when toys find their way into the hands of adults?

Sign of the Times: EU Regulation, eIDAS Provides More Signing Options


On July 1, 2016, the 910/2014 EU regulation on electronic identification and trust services (eIDAS) goes into effect. It replaces 28 national laws on e-signatures that are currently based on the 1999/93 EU directive on a community framework for electronic signatures.

Why there are Never Enough Administrators’ Eyes and Why They Must Be Helped


Perhaps it has already happened to you or someone around you. When a doctor tries to come up with a diagnosis for a certain medical condition, he does not always have all the relevant information. If he has no knowledge of something significant, he may evaluate the situation improperly and get the wrong diagnosis, or downplays the severity of the patient's condition subjecting the patient to unnecessary risks. According to the American Journal of Medicine, 10 to 15 percent of diagnoses by general practitioners are erroneous.

3 Ways to Archive Digitally Signed Electronic Documents


Signing the screen is a common experience in traditional banks and telecommunications and insurance companies. But even smaller companies have discovered the advantages of digital signing. This technology is affordable for everyone, however the obvious benefits in comparison with paper comprise the main reason.

Industry 4.0 the Main Topic at the Davos World Economic Forum


More than 2,500 participants worldwide – including the world elite met on January 20- 23, 2016 at the 46th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos. The automation of manufacturing and the onset of the new industrial revolution was the main agenda.

3 Unknown Ways to Use Kinect


When Microsoft launched Kinect for the Xbox game console more than five years ago, there was strong evidence that it would be a breakthrough technology destined for success. A device that can use advanced infrared camera, sensors and microphones to track body movements, recognize facial expressions and details such as a clenched fist, allowing to control the game by movements and a voice was to become a major differentiator in the battle with PlayStation and Wii consoles.

E-Signature Need-to-Knows for Global Business


SIGNATUS is based on the technologies of Kofax – company number one in field of paperless processing of documents, electronic handwritten signatures and signature verification. This article defines the concept of electronic and digital signature and describes the differences between the two. The article is written for everyone who is interested in the handwritten signature topic.

Jump on the Wave of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Today


15 years ago when I used to go on vacation by car, my wife navigated me with a map spread out on her lap. It meant that sometimes I didn’t know if I should take turn onto the nearest side street or if I should have turned at the previous intersection. Since the radio traffic service was the only dynamic information for us, we learned about traffic jams on the highway - usually when we were already stuck there; we also had no idea about speed traps.

For Ten Years We Have Supported Belles-lettres for You


It’s unbelievable, but 10 years have passed since the first ANASOFT litera award was handed out. We were there at its birth in 2006, and at that time no one would have thought that we would stay for so long and that this award would become one of the most significant literary awards in Slovakia and respected even in the Czech Republic. For 10 years, we have celebrated together with the ten finalists selected by the jury from among a growing number of books. For ten years, we have been among the first to congratulate the winner of the main prize of 10,000 €.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Has Already Begun


Strategic line 4.0 INDUSTRY determine the future of the industry. It may be very futuristic. But there are companies which operate on the Industry 4.0 yet today. Smaller and medium-sized manufacturing companies it may still be considered a distant fiction, the consequences of the third industrial revolution over 100 years ago, still last.