What to Do with an Overstocked Warehouse – Can a Warehouse Management System Resolve This Problem?


The issue of excess stock is not unique and many manufacturers face the problem of piling up components, raw materials or their spare parts. In some manufacturing halls, buffer storerooms and annexes take up more than a half of the entire area. As a result, manufacturing sites surrounded by palettes remind one of a battlefield rather than a pleasant and ergonomic working environment. Introducing the WMS - Warehouse Management System can be the right solution.

eIDAS, new European regulation simplifies signature-based electronic transactions


The new regulation concerning electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market (eIDAS Regulation), which in the Member States harmonizes the requirements for the mutual acknowledgement of electronic identification, enters into validity throughout Europe in July of this year.

8 reasons why people like to work at ANASOFT


For more than 25 years, our products have affected and changed the routine way of life. We do our job at ANASOFT with enthusiasm and professionality, and we consider this work as our sacred mission. There are many reasons why our colleagues are honored to be “ANASOFTies.” Here are the eight most common ones.

High Tech at ANASOFT’s Birthday Celebration


Perhaps you’ve heard that ANASOFT is celebrating 25 years of its brand. But the fact that ANASOFT has decided to celebrate this anniversary in futuristic style was a surprise for many. Blog about Future 25 and our birthday :-).

What is the impact of the rapid growth of production on costs for a manufacturing company?


The automotive industry recorded growth in 2015. However, rapid growth in production may also have an undesirable effect on the business environment. Suppliers more frequently point out the growing turnover rate of employees. This situation has a significant impact on the costs of the companies, but the labor shortage also complicates the flexibility of their reaction to the increased demand of automotive factories in particular.

When Will Our Offices Finally Turn Paperless?


Systems for document digitalization and management belong to the top five enterprise applications. Most firms consider them as extremely useful and more than a quarter of them plan to invest in these applications within the next three to five years.

Cutting Production Costs


As the results of the PwC survey have shown, almost half of the manufacturing companies worry about the permanent pressure of automobile producers on improving productivity. The dearth of skilled labor along with turnover rates have a huge impact on company costs. Using the EMANS manufacturing information software can be the solution.

Software for Quality Management in Manufacturing


Quality is one of the fundamental requirements for manufacturing; this refers to the quality of input components, the quality of the assembly technology itself and the quality of the final product. Each defective product means additional costs for repair or for the manufacturing of a new piece. But if the defect is not identified until it reaches the customer, the negative impacts are much greater and frequently not only of a financial nature.

Will the fifth industrial revolution save the world?


The topic of the fourth industrial revolution is on the agenda more and more often. It appears almost every day in the media, but industrial companies are addressing it too. Some of them already show the introduction of autonomous self-regulation of production lines, which is possible due to the fact that the individual production machines communicate with each other.

Replace paper with pixels without losing the human touch


“Phygital e-signing” takes the best of both worlds, eliminating the burden of paper forms while keeping a natural way of signing a document by hand that is intuitive and highly acceptable to every user.

How to protect data from privileged users


Cyber-attacks are an increasingly frequent topic of discussion these days, and part and parcel of the use of modern information technologies, which are more and more frequently confronted with sophisticated and aggressive threat of various kinds. A wise Chinese proverb says: “He who has nothing to lose is the richest person.” Does the same apply to companies and company data? Company data stored in databases are as valuable as the “family silver” and anyone who is aware of their value knows that increased attention must be paid to them.

When Toys Find Their Way into the Hands of Adults


Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. The different perception of matters by different genders is frequently explained in such a simplified way. It all begins in childhood. If Kinect and Xbox are at the disposal of a girl, she will most probably use it as her personal fitness or dance instructor. Boys prefer something more combat-related or strategic. And how does it look when toys find their way into the hands of adults?