Top 8 Smart Industry Trends in Logistics and Manufacturing for 2019 and Beyond


As the manufacturing and logistics sectors undergo major transformation, digital twins, artificial intelligence, the industrial Internet of Things, and warehouse robotization rank among the leading Smart Industry trends for 2019 and the coming years.

The Road to Automated and Intelligent Warehouse


The digital transformation of enterprises and digitalisation of manufacturing processes are fast becoming the norm and necessity not only for expansion purposes but also for long-term sustainability, regardless of size or nature of enterprise. The ever-changing environment of the logistics’ industry continuously throws up new demands for quality, flexibility, and types of the services provided by logistic companies. Moreover, the incessant pressures caused by enterprises’ operational costs force them to re-evaluate their business models and revise both the ongoing processes and operations to ensure the continuity and reliability of the supply chain.

5 Tips for Selecting Superior Software for Property Management


Are you a property manager managing thousands of units? Your information system is driving you mad, or is so complicated that you do not know what to do next? Are you contemplating to change your software? Prior to agreeing to purchase, what may amount to a substantial cost outlay, please check if your potential vendor fulfills the following requirements.

Digital Handwritten Signature for Everyone


The complete digitizing of corporate documentation, including signing, accelerates processes, saves money and has the potential to transform entire business models.

Thanks to digital handwritten signatures, recruitment agencies are getting rid of paper


Do you have any idea of how many sheets of paper you print, sign and file in your company archives on a daily basis? AGENTURA PLUS, one of the largest recruitment agencies in the Czech Republic, calculated its consumption. From now on, the staff signs contracts and payroll slips on tablet, thanks to which the company has completely digitalized its entire paper-related agenda.

SMART FACTORY and INDUSTRY 4.0 technologies of the future


You do not need massive investments to set out on a journey to a smart factory. You can do it step by step. It is important to start digitising and set basic principles, even if to a small extent. This sums up the main idea of the 6th annual international conference PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT 2016. ANASOFT was centre stage again. It engaged the senior production managers taking part at this prestigious event in a survey on digitisation of manufacturing companies.

Actual paperless production becomes reality - EMANS


In accordance with the principles of sustainable development, people are increasingly concerned with the elimination of paper. This way of thinking is close also to us, in ANASOFT. Through our SMART solutions we have brought the paperless reality in many sectors where we have successfully replaced standard paper processes. We have selected a few tips for paperless processes in production with our Manufacturing Execution Systems EMANS.

You can celebrate the „World Paper Free Day” every day


At the beginning of November there is the World Paper Free Day, an initiative that encourages people and businesses to –for at least one day- reduce the consumption of popular paper to a minimum. However; we should consider the necessity and effectiveness to print and use the documents more often than once a year.

What to Do with an Overstocked Warehouse – Can a Warehouse Management System Resolve This Problem?


The issue of excess stock is not unique and many manufacturers face the problem of piling up components, raw materials or their spare parts. In some manufacturing halls, buffer storerooms and annexes take up more than a half of the entire area. As a result, manufacturing sites surrounded by palettes remind one of a battlefield rather than a pleasant and ergonomic working environment. Introducing the WMS - Warehouse Management System can be the right solution.

eIDAS, new European regulation simplifies signature-based electronic transactions


The new regulation concerning electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market (eIDAS Regulation), which in the Member States harmonizes the requirements for the mutual acknowledgement of electronic identification, enters into validity throughout Europe in July of this year.

8 reasons why people like to work at ANASOFT


For more than 25 years, our products have affected and changed the routine way of life. We do our job at ANASOFT with enthusiasm and professionality, and we consider this work as our sacred mission. There are many reasons why our colleagues are honored to be “ANASOFTies.” Here are the eight most common ones.

High Tech at ANASOFT’s Birthday Celebration


Perhaps you’ve heard that ANASOFT is celebrating 25 years of its brand. But the fact that ANASOFT has decided to celebrate this anniversary in futuristic style was a surprise for many. Blog about Future 25 and our birthday :-).