5 Key Logistics Trends That Will Shape Supply Chain and Warehousing in 2022


The logistics trends of 2022 are influenced by the two waves of COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, as well as by the new challenges shaping global and local supply chains.

5 Mistakes in e-Commerce Order Fulfillment and How to Avoid Them


What are the most common mistakes in e-commerce logistics and how can e-shops effectively prevent them while facing daily logistics challenges?

HORTIM: Accelerated Fresh Food Order Fulfillment | Case Study


The trading and logistics company Hortim dispatches 200,000 kilograms of fresh fruit and vegetables daily for a retail network of 1,200 sales outlets across the whole country from its new distribution center. Fresh produce is delivered to clients within 24 hours after the harvest at local growers.

6 Ways to Improve Warehouse Profitability and Efficiency


We’ve laid out six ways how to increase warehouse profitability, reduce its operating costs, and improve warehouse performance.

Use their Weapons to Fight Hackers


To defend against computer criminals you must think like them. Advanced threats require advanced solutions. Among the solutions are deception and creation of tokens to grab harmful actors that enable faster detection of attacks.  Those technologies can lure the criminal to be caught in a trap and significantly enhance the chance of security teams to the fast and secure discovery of attacks.

Automated Testing | Technology Blog


Testing plays an irreplaceable role in information system development. Today we will talk with Mária Dujsíková, ANASOFT’s knowledge testing manager, about automated testing which is implemented in big project solutions.

Software Analysis through the Eyes of a Professional | Technology Blog


Software analysis is often considered to be a technical activity and software development is generally said to be an overwhelmingly male domain. However, in today’s blog with Andrea Haverlová, the manager of ANASOFT’s analyst, consultant and tester teams, we discover  that things are not always as they seem.

Testing is like a Great Detective Novel | Technology Blog


Every application or complex information system must travel a long path until it arrives at the hands of the end user. It is also true that first impressions matter. Nothing can disappoint the user more than an application that has many errors or constantly crashes.

Electronic Signatures Hasten Digitalization


The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the significance of the digitalization of paper processes. Due to restrictive measures, companies in various fields have had to change their business practices on short notice. The sudden limitation of personal contact has disabled processes which require physical interaction with clients.

8 Predictions and Innovative Trends in Logistics and Supply Chains for 2021


The aftermath of the pandemic, with its technological and economic adjustments, and the shift to a new normal, will drive operational processes in in-plant and e-commerce logistics and supply chains into a more agile form.

Post-Pandemic Retail and Omnichannel Logistics


The pandemic has significantly affected consumer behavior. Most obviously, anti-epidemiological measures have shuttered brick-and-mortar stores, but they have affected e-shops as well. Although their share of purchases grew globally, online shops also had to innovate new processes and adapt their operating strategies to the "new standard".

Architectural Patterns | Technology blog


In today’s edition of the technology blog, we will talk with Martin Vozár, one of the designers at ANASOFT. He has more than 20 years of experience with the development of custom-made applications from the smallest to the largest enterprise solutions. We will discuss the distributed approach to application creation and its specifics.