Post-Pandemic Retail and Omnichannel Logistics


The pandemic has significantly affected consumer behavior. Most obviously, anti-epidemiological measures have shuttered brick-and-mortar stores, but they have affected e-shops as well. Although their share of purchases grew globally, online shops also had to innovate new processes and adapt their operating strategies to the "new standard".

Architectural Patterns | Technology blog


In today’s edition of the technology blog, we will talk with Martin Vozár, one of the designers at ANASOFT. He has more than 20 years of experience with the development of custom-made applications from the smallest to the largest enterprise solutions. We will discuss the distributed approach to application creation and its specifics.

How to Choose the Right Warehouse Management System Without Losing Your Mind


Choosing the right warehouse management system ensures more efficient warehouse and inventory management in distribution or manufacturing logistics, and on top of that, it generates added value for the business. What criteria should a business consider in order to find the right solution when choosing a warehouse management system?

Digital profile of the organization. What to look out for regarding information about your company?


The digital era brings opportunities as well as threats. and not only in the ordinary digital life of individual users, but in the digital presentation of business entities.

7 Tech Trends in Smart Manufacturing and Digital Transformation for 2021


Strategic innovations, consolidation of manufacturing processes, and adaptation of operating models and processes to the new post-COVID-19 standard are the key priorities for 2021.

Is personal data protection still topical?


January 28th is Data Protection Day. It is the day we remember the importance of protecting the most valuable thing we have, our data.

DEDOLES: Massive Expansion of Online Retail Fueled by Intelligent Technologies [Case Study]


Dedoles is one of the most thriving central European online stores that has managed to successfully cross over to other European markets. With a massive expansion on the horizon, the company decided to innovate and automate its inventory and warehousing processes, leveraging the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and intelligent logistics.

New Retail and Omnichannel Logistics


Omnichannel distribution strategy is becoming a necessity for the e-commerce industry. New logistics technologies have contributed to streamlining material flows and creating a more comfortable consumer experience when shopping online.

Digital tranformation at the point of sale


One of the largest banks in Slovakia has modernized the provision of consulting at its branch offices through digital technologies. As a result of its digital adaptation of modern technologies, the bank has implemented a solution which reduces the time spent by customers at offices and makes the sales process more efficient.

Acceleration in Warehouse Automation, Supply Chain and Order Fulfillment


Supply chain and order fulfillment demands are changing swiftly, as is the development of intelligent management systems. New technologies from the inventory of Industry 4.0 based on the tools of Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Services (IoS), virtualization, and artificial intelligence (AI) are already enabling a generational swing in inventory, warehouse management, and supply chain to meet the complex demands of omnichannel distribution. The rising WES systems [Warehouse Execution System] are part of this generational change.

Digitalization and Intelligent Automation in the Time of COVID-19 and Beyond


While the COVID-19 pandemic has stopped the world, it has had the opposite effect on digitalization and intelligent automation since these new technologies provide a solution not only for the crisis but also for the post-pandemic world.

Password as the First Instance of Protection


Did you know that every 39 seconds a hacker attack takes place, over 2,600 personal records are stolen every minute and that cybercriminals make more money than the trade in drugs? World Password Day probably wouldn’t make it to the top chart of popularity, nevertheless, it should be included in the more important dates in our calendars.