11 Biggest Digital Trends and Predictions for Manufacturing and Industry in 2023


One crisis follows another crisis. Crisis management is becoming an everyday norm of business management. Having in mind this state of events, we select the biggest trends and technologies that will dominate the manufacturing industry in 2023.

E-COMMERCE 4.0: Mass Personalization of Shopping Experience Fuels Robotization and Hybrid Fulfillment


E-commerce and digital retail belong to the most customer-oriented industries. This is the reason why they are the fastest to innovate sales and marketing processes with the help of digital technologies and automation. However, in order to become customer-obsessed, digital retail must become logistics-obsessed first.

6 Most Important Digital Trends For Manufacturing And Cyber-Automation In 2022


How do the chip crisis, late deliveries of materials, lockdowns, and a chronic lack of qualified employees shape current trends in manufacturing automation and smart industry?

eIDAS or the reason we communicate in a more simple manner in the EU| Technological blog


Apart from responsibilities, project management in the IT sphere also brings opportunities to be part of the creation of interesting solutions. In today’s blog we’ll talk with Ján Hrúza, ANASOFT project manager, who is responsible for the eIDAS project.

6 Ways How to Power Up Fresh Food Distribution and Cold Chain Management


Fresh food logistics and order fulfillment require the most sophisticated processes and state-of-the-art technology to meet the highest standards of speed, quality, and precision. We look at six possibilities to boost fresh food order fulfillment and cold chain management utilizing Industry 4.0 strategies and intelligent semi-automation.

"E-commerce Is a Very Dynamic Industry Adapting New Technologies Rapidly and Flexibly" | Interview


The digitalization of sales and digitalization of logistics are organically interconnected, mutually conditioned, and at the core of new retail (Retail 4.0)

Cyber-automation, Augmented Intelligence and Digital Twins Contribute to a Continuous Enterprise Process Innovation


How is digital transformation progressing , what is Logistics 4.0, what are the current trends in digitalization and automation and what can enterprises expect in the near future in terms of operational processes and with regard to global and local disrupting factors. These are several of the topics that the ATP Journal discussed with our colleague, smart industry solution designer Peter Bílik.

5 Key Logistics Trends That Will Shape Supply Chain and Warehousing in 2022


The logistics trends of 2022 are influenced by the two waves of COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, as well as by the new challenges shaping global and local supply chains.

5 Mistakes in e-Commerce Order Fulfillment and How to Avoid Them


What are the most common mistakes in e-commerce logistics and how can e-shops effectively prevent them while facing daily logistics challenges?

HORTIM: Accelerated Fresh Food Order Fulfillment | Case Study


The trading and logistics company Hortim dispatches 200,000 kilograms of fresh fruit and vegetables daily for a retail network of 1,200 sales outlets across the whole country from its new distribution center. Fresh produce is delivered to clients within 24 hours after the harvest at local growers.

6 Ways to Improve Warehouse Profitability and Efficiency


We’ve laid out six ways how to increase warehouse profitability, reduce its operating costs, and improve warehouse performance.

Use their Weapons to Fight Hackers


To defend against computer criminals you must think like them. Advanced threats require advanced solutions. Among the solutions are deception and creation of tokens to grab harmful actors that enable faster detection of attacks.  Those technologies can lure the criminal to be caught in a trap and significantly enhance the chance of security teams to the fast and secure discovery of attacks.