Which mobile devices are suitable for those who work on the road?


We’re in daily contact with mobile devices, such as cell phones, handy smartphones and tablets. However, picking exactly the right device isn’t easy...

3 Things Which Every Production Manager Wants to Improve


Every manager in a factory is aware of the fact that it is increasingly difficult to find unique selling points and competitive advantages in the manufacturing industry. The same raw materials and machinery can be bought by everybody for approximately the same price. Recruiting and training people are not easy tasks, but even in this respect no great differences can be expected. And thus, operations remain the main source of competitive advantage. The idea that the best organized company is the best company has applied since the times of Henry Ford.

The Most Room for Improvement among Manufacturers is in The Area of Productivity


The DIGITÁLNY PODNIK 2015 conference (2015 Digital Undertaking) was held on June 16 and 17, 2015. CEIT Group, which is involved in innovation and research, and TREND magazine were its organizers. ANASOFT conducted a survey about the needs and shortcomings among manufacturing companies based on a questionnaire that it distributed to conference participants at its presentation stand.

Don’t Be Fooled by the Illusion of Security


Internet, except at its very beginning when it operated only in the academic environment, has never been a completely secure place. However, recently the number and diversity of internet threats and risks are growing. As a result, the need to protect data, financial transactions or “just” the availability of web service and thus also the company’s reputation and good name is also increasing.

Was that a Sugar Beet that Hit Your Car?


Many of us, drivers, know the feeling. During autumn and winter of the so called “sugar beet campaign” you can hardly find anything more “pleasant” than during passing of a truck loaded with sugar beets up to a hilt, suddenly a few lovely spheres get loose... You muster all your F1 skills in order to avoid them in the last second.

How to Increase the Efficiency of Beet Logistics Using Modern Technologies


Organization of inbound sugar beet delivery is one of the main factors affecting the success of a sugar campaign. Considering the importance of continuous supply of raw materials, the main priority of this activity is reliability and robustness to ensure continuous processing, without interruption or irregularities caused by inadequate supply of sugar beets.

8 Things You Must Check before Signing a Contract for Tailor-made Software Development


If a Word text editor can be purchased for several dozen Euro and developing a similar product on your own could cost several million Euro, the second option doesn’t make much sense. However, there may be several good reasons for a company to prefer customized development instead of boxed software.

Digital Signatures Change Business Models


Several banks throughout the world have opened or plan to open new places of business where the staff will include bartenders in addition to bank clerks. The goal of these banks is to get people to return to bank branches and spend as much time there as possible.

When your company does not need IT outsourcing


If you have ever considered IT outsourcing or were at least interested in what such model could bring, you’ve probably already heard of the possible benefits. They include potential savings, improved required services, eliminating the burden of responsibilities that are not your core business and thanks to which you can devote more time to what is truly important for your customers.

3 Reasons Which Indicate that You Need Customized Software


Choosing between customized software and a standard software package is one of the eternal IT issues which every company will tackle sooner or later. Although at first sight it could seem that IT managers should be the ones addressing this issue, in fact it is rather a question for the business, financial and general managers.