8 reasons why people like to work at ANASOFT


Jana Gžibová, ANASOFT

For more than 25 years, our products have affected and changed the routine way of life. They save money while expediting and optimizing processes. As a result, our customers have more time for family, a good book or simply for themselves. We do our job at ANASOFT with enthusiasm and professionality, and we consider this work as our sacred mission.

There are many reasons why our colleagues are honored to be “ANASOFTies.”  Here are the eight most common ones.

1. We are one team

We are successful in creating and maintaining good relationships. Barrier-free communication supports open and informal interpersonal relationships. Thanks to this, everyone can react quickly to changes and accept innovation, without which we wouldn’t  be able to maintain our position on this ever changing market.

At ANASOFT people are one team

2. Pleasant working environment

Many people feel a certain level of aversion to going to work in the morning; in order to reduce this level, we at ANASOFT have created a pleasant working environment.  We strive to be fair and to justly reward our people for their contributions. We do as much as possible to help them feel so good here that they don’t not want to leave.

Pleasant working environment at ANASOFT

3. Corporate values based on good relationships

We are a socially responsible company, and the  Corporate Social Responsibility Certificate of the Ministry of Economy and our company values and philosophy based on doing away with practices which would disqualify our company in the eyes of the intelligent people, serve as proof of this.

ANASOFT is a socially responsible company

4. We place an emphasis on mutual relationships

We perceive each other as partners, colleagues who create positive relationships. We are not competitors and we gladly share our know-how and not only in terms of work. We organize lessons for climbing, ski alpinism, rafting, golf, arts and crafts... We are joined through our work, our many common interests and the desire to learn and grow.

When necessary, we all pull together

5. We are interested in families of people at ANASOFT

It is important for us that everybody in ANASOFT finds a way toward personal fulfilment and work-life balance. We are socially responsible and support family values. We are guided by the idea that salary is not the only form of motivation.

Work-life balance - ANASOFT

6. Diverse selection of corporate benefits

We constantly adjust our system of benefits according to the changing phases of life of our people. We have a bicycle garage and showers. Our employees organize football and hockey matches, and climbing events through intranet. We have an indoor pool and a gym that are also available for family members.

We financially support our employees’ sports activities and we accept the fact that occasionally they overlap with working hours.

We adjust benefits at ANASOFT to the various stages of life of our people

7. Support of culture

We financially contribute to cultural events and promote them through our online magazine and other channels. We organize exhibitions for our employees who like to take photos as well as the Anasoft Litera literary competition.

Support of Culture - ANASOFT

8. Above-standard healthcare

We provide above-standard healthcare services. Our employees are entitled to annual comprehensive checkups and we pay for rehabilitation activities which address the sedentary style of work. We do yoga in our meeting room (or on the terrace when the weather is nice) and we significantly subsidize weekly massage sessions. 

ANASOFT provides above-standard healthcare services