5 of our ANASOFT improvements at work


Lucia Turiničová, ANASOFT

Have you ever think about how much time you spend at work every day? In a private company as “our ANASOFT”, 8 hours is pure fantasy. Why not use some smart ideas and implement them into our working environment? No articles about us are published in Profit nor do we amuse our visitors with slides for children or beanbags in the offices, still we found few things at ANASOFT that we all love.

Let’s boast a little:

Jags of water at meetings

Let’s start slowly. Such an ordinary thing can be so great. If we don’t make our colleagues from the reception angry, they add slices of lemon and mint and a biscuit. Result: we track our daily water intake in style, save on mineral water in plastic bottles, we don’t harm the environment with plastic and our visitors are thrilled.

If it gets colder, we have a “winter” improvement at the disposal. We prepare fresh ginger with hot water and meetings become sweeter and more energetic.

Chocolate at ANASOFT

We prepare hot chocolate and hold the sports day right in the premises of the company

I guess you know that as an IT company we need a lot of sugar in order to function. Zeroes and ones need a regular dose of glucose. That is why we make hot chocolate every Wednesday. If you want to see us, arrange a meeting on Wednesday. But don’t say anyone.

We also organize a sports day from time to time. Then we exchange chocolate for fresh fruit and run the stairs in order to be in better shape and get some fresh air. 


We have a bike shelter and built a shower, too

Chocolate is great, but we cannot say the same about calories. We do support our employees devoted to sports. We have a bike shelter that is quite small but still fulfils its purpose. For those who like running, there is a space that can be used for drying wet running clothes and sneakers. People who don’t feel like running can exercise yoga twice a week. Sport rules at ANASOFT! Anyone who doesn’t believe us can have a look at the pictures depicting the run of our ANASOFT team “From Tatras to Danube“ we take part in regularly. 

We drink our coffee on a terrace

Besides several coffee machines, all of us can enjoy a huge terrace where we can relax while drinking sweet-smelling espresso. This became a favourite activity for most of us. In case of adverse weather conditions at the floor with a terrace, you can enjoy the same activities in a Cafeteria. If you don’t feel like having a discussion, you are free to read daily newspapers, magazines or choose from many of the ANASOFT litera books from our internal library. 

One more bonus: now we have air-conditioning everywhere. What else can we wish for in this kind of weather... So come for visit :-).