5 Tips for Selecting Superior Software for Property Management


5 Tips for Selecting Superior Software for Property Management.

Are you a property manager managing thousands of units? Your information system is driving you mad, or is so complicated that you do not know what to do next? Are you contemplating to change your software?

Prior to agreeing to purchase, what may amount to a substantial cost outlay, please check if your potential vendor fulfills the following requirements:

1.       References

Have you heard from someone who uses the new system already? How did you meet that person? If you received your package, with a gift and useful news you are a winner already. The supplier already knows of your concerns and needs. It is a guarantee that you will not be let “hanging” when you will need help the most.

2.       Our Daily Hotline

Have you confirmed if your needs will be met during implementation of your new software? Very likely. But what comes thereafter? What happens when your key employee departs and leaves an information vacuum? And what happens when attacked by hackers, who are more active lately? Hotline in working days is indispensable for you and your employees.

5 Tips for Selecting Superior Software for Property Management.

3.       Workshops, Seminars and Conferences

We believe, that it is not in your interest to throw money around whenever you cannot find a solution to a problem. Professional and established firms, that are in business for many years provide to their clients seminars on many subjects. This includes changes in legislation as well as simply instructions for smooth annual processing.

At least once a year, you should meet with your vendor and provide feedback of your expectations, degree of satisfaction and objections. Why not meet at an annual two day conference directly, bringing along your colleagues, where you may find time even for some fun...?

4.       Support for a Full Annual Cycle

Seminars and conferences are only one part of the support. Your new vendor should regularly inform you of changes in the system either in periodical newsletters or personal visit.

5.       Image is Useless

If EXCEL is not sufficient, you should find out what can be done in a system tailored to property management. Does it conform to latest technologies, is processing of data simple and clear, in other words  looks good. And how about shedding light on innovations related to property management?

Wouldn’t a Web portal available to your clients – the unit occupants be “cool” showing all the information related to the building? Can your system send text messages to the flat owners? Can mailings be put in an envelope and sent out automatically, or you will spend hours doing it manually? Does your new supplier provide a mobile application in order for your employees to comfortably and efficiently work in the field?

5 Tips for Selecting Superior Software for Property Management.

If you looked at our recommendations and answered them with a “yes” congratulations to you! Your new IT system fulfils the basic requirement to feel satisfied and comfortable with it. Similarly your employees and clients will surely appreciate that.

If you couldn’t find such a vendor so far, don’t despair. We will be happy to show you our DOMUS, which in addition of the above five recommendations can do more. We would be happy to present them to you. All you need to do is to fill out a simple form and we will arrange for a personal meeting.