What We Do

Smart Industry division of ANASOFT has been operating in digital transformation and automation of manufacturing and supply chain since 2005. Besides the convergence of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) in manufacturing, the division focuses on the development, design, and implementation of automation solutions and process management optimization. Furthermore, the division´s activities entail research and development of innovative solutions for smart industry and digital automation and autonomization in smart manufacturing, supply chain, quality control, and maintenance.

development, implementation, and integration

Development and implementation of solutions regarding digitalization, optimization and process automation in manufacturing and supply chain management by a next-gen operations management system - Smart Industry solution EMANS. Configurable functionality is based on opened architecture enabling integration of new technology including:

  • artificial intelligence (AI) and its tools (neural networks, machine learning, augmented intelligence, collective intelligence),
  • digital twin technology (autonomous intelligent information agents),
  • augmented reality (AR),
  • touchless human-machine/machine-human interface (HMI) and voice technology.


Smart Industry division is involved in building a digital enterprise ecosystem within the framework of strategic transformation activities. Digitalization of the industrial environment is propelled by a convergence of operational equipment and information and communications technology what leads to the synergy of factory floor processes (shop floor to top floor integration).  

In addition, Smart Industry division operates within the capacity of an integrator (integration with PLC, SCADA, WMS, ERP, ECM, SCM and others) and project manager during the transformation of manufacturing and implementation of intelligent operations system for logistics.

consulting, analyses, and Audits

Smart Industry division consults in the following fields:

  • digital transformation,
  • automation,
  • autonomization,
  • vertical and horizontal integration of processes and systems,
  • process optimization and innovative technology solution,
  • projecting and developing smart manufacturing solutions,
  • smart factory,
  • implementation of new technology (internet of things - IoT, internet of services - IoS, industrial internet of things - IIoT, artificial intelligence - AI, big gata).

The consulting services include in-depth analysis and audits of:

  • logistics and warehousing processes (inbound and outbound logistics, inventory handling and manipulation, inventory control),
  • analyses of manufacturing processes, their planning, management, and monitoring,
  • analyzes of necessary information and data support for industrial, manufacturing, and supply chain processes,
  • analyses of necessary information systems integrated into the processes and user interaction with these systems,
  • and evaluation of optimization potential.


The outcome of analyses and audits are proposals or projects regarding:

  • optimized material flow models,
  • creation of data and document flows,
  • solutions for improving the effectiveness of internal and external handling and transport equipment,
  • solutions for improving the effectiveness of inventory manipulation and warehousing of packaging materials,
  • solutions of improving quality control,
  • solutions for operative warehouse management, creation of accounting reports and protocols,
  • solutions of improving the effectiveness of manufacturing and flow  and in-plant logistics including agile manufacturing and dynamic logistics,
  • solutions of improving the effectiveness of tool and equipment maintenance.

training and maintenance

Other activities that the division´s team is providing include training and retraining for work with Smart Industry system EMANS along other technology or solutions, process recalibration within the projects of smart manufacturing and intelligent logistics delivered and supported by the division.

Maintenance and support of Smart Industry system EMANS and other solutions of intelligent process management.