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inteligentné riadenie skladu, warehouse management system, WMS, warehouse execution system, WES

The aim of the project was the digitalization and automation of logistics processes and warehouse management in the operation of Schnellecke Logistics. The project was primarily focused on ensuring optimal storage and retrieval of material in the warehouse so as to ensure a smooth flow of material (JIT method) and its delivery to the relevant workplace. Automation also includes material flow monitoring and logistics management for the repackaging of cable bundles. Schnellecke is a leading global logistics company for the automotive industry in the areas of warehousing and packaging logistics, module assembly, and Just In Time logistics.

Project Assignment:

  • Management of component receipt and dispatch in the warehouse 


  • The new generation of WMS (Warehouse Management System) system - a WES module of the Smart Industry solution EMANS
  • Implementation of a cyber-physical manufacturing system
  • Integration of WES EMANS module with the company´s ERP system
  • Deployment of interoperable internet of things (IoT) and digital twin technology 
  • Deployment of intelligent algorithms (AI) for dynamic slotting strategies
  • Integration of the system EMANS to a variety of PLC control systems (such as conveyor belts)
  • Smart Industry system EMANS controls conveyor belts and forklifts during the operations of cable bundles storing and pick up


  • Management of material deliveries based on actual business demands of the end-user in real-time
  • Precise and faultless material deliveries (preventive material diagnostics)
  • System EMANS zabezpečuje konštantné udržiavanie skladových kapacít na preddefinovanej úrovni
  • Inventory levels monitoring in real-time
  • Ensuring equal balacing of warehouse capacities
  • Coordination of material receipt and dispatch by the same handling and manipulation equipment
  • Automatic generation and dispatch of digital delivery notes
  • System EMANS manages and monitors quality control of components thus minimizing the error-rate
  • Optimization of pallet trucks´ rides
  • Assuring optimal utilization of warehouse capacities based on the prediction of end-user´s orders

Smart Industry system EMANS assures dispatching of ordered material from warehouse to end-user´s factory within 17 minutes since the end-user´s request. 


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