Stiebel Eltron
digitalization of head pump manufacturing


Cieľom projektu bola digitalizácia výrobnej linky tepelných čerpadiel vo výrobnom závode Tatramat – ohrievače vody s.r.o. (člen skupiny STIEBEL ELTRON). Digitalizácia viedla k sledovaniu, zápisu, dokumentovaniu a vyhodnocovaniu jednotlivých pracovných procesov a materiálových tokov vo výrobe tepelných čerpadiel.

The aim of the project was to digitalize the production line of heat pumps in the production plant Tatramat - Water Heaters  (member of the STIEBEL ELTRON group). Digitalization led to monitoring, recording, tracking, and evaluating individual manufacturing processes and material flows in the production of heat pumps.

Project Assignment: 

  • Digital labor write-off (OLE) and operations in batch and unit production
  • Identification of downtime causes


  • Implementation Smart Industry system EMANS
  • Deployment of enterprise Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Integration of the system EMANS with ERP system


  • Productivity improvement without changing manufacturing processes
  • Automation of staff attendance tracking 
  • Labor performance tracking (OLE) in real-time
  • Evaluation of labor performance
  • Collection of manufacturing data
  • Product traceability – product´s digital birth certificate
  • Material flow monitoring
  • Digitalization (dematerialization) paperwork and technical documentation


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