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The food distribution company HORTIM has decided to automate the operation of its new refrigerated logistics platform. ANASOFT has created a complete digital ecosystem of HORTIM's distribution center. Logistics operations and warehousing processes are dynamically managed through technologies such as IoT, AI, and digital twin technology across the entire material flow of the distribution center - from receiving goods to dispatching customer orders. The 11,000 m2 distribution center houses 800 tons of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Thanks to dynamic logistics management, the distribution center can dispatch goods within tens of minutes since receiving the order. The center delivers fresh fruits and vegetables to a retail network of 1,200 stores on a daily basis. Fruits and vegetables can thus reach customers within 24 hours since they were harvested by domestic producers. ANASOFT's innovative intelligent food logistics solution manages processes with the least number of resources while achieving the highest possible operational performance. In addition, the system responds to changes and ongoing circumstances in real-time, and thanks to the dynamic material flow management (orders, inventory, and warehouse), logistics processes have the agility to respond immediately to market changes or consumer behavior while maintaining speed, freshness, and top quality of fruits and vegetables.

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